Why such a topic

Why such a topic Their works he tells all the friends in kindergarten and even on the phone, making fun of another masterpiece.

Why such a topic like Misha Decision.

Stage of children's creativity are all children.

But one writes stories, jokes and other modifies titles, cartoons, jokes third keen on physiological topics, etc.

on various subjects connected with the fact surplus of information and experiences that a child can learn from the adults around him.

Adults, paying great attention to physiological functions, inadvertently affect the perception of the child.

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Our patient - and not much

Our patient - and not much On these grounds we have identified weak originality and uniqueness of their daughter.

Often she used us (and sometimes it was excruciatingly painful), that form their own borders, to see where we end up and it begins.

Daughter ran across our fence, broke them, behaved defiantly critical of him, veryaya about our beliefs.

Our patient - and not much on Resistant allowed her to form their own views.

And we are all the time, called her name, to recall the thread her who she actually is.

And although the daughter still need our support and participation, we must now retreat a little, take a step back and give her a chance to find their way the most.

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Even if there

Even if there So, what now? At such moments, you need principles that can guide to decide what to do next.

Even if there was a big book of answers, you do not have time to look for the right page.

Only help in that moment was that I met the mother of Patrick and discussed with her much of what you have read.

We talked about the indispensable foundations and basic principles, and I hoped she would remember about all this in the next few seconds.

Dear Mary, - I said, trying to speak as calmly as possible.

She said nothing, but I saw her eyes fill with tears.

Patrick looked absolutely furious, but still remains in place.

Sit down, Mary - I said, pointing to a chair in front of Patrick.

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- Two black

- Two black Open the lock, enter the church, and .

- One candle is completely burned: Th-ernaya And yet another miracle duck .

- Asya excitedly.

- Two black - I'm sober.

- Because, of course, for the whole night, both two-burned, but since nobody has ever seen - all again from the beginning.

- No.

Both candles burn evenly to one another at least one other no more, no burned nor stolechko not burned .

How to put yesterday - and stood.

And mother stood, and the robber was and how much they were so - is unknown, but when she came to her senses - the robber was not - as far left - is unknown.

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Perhaps it is right

Perhaps it is right You just need to step back and consider not the details, but the whole picture, because in this case we see a classic example of the views of parents: they know best what their child needed.

Perhaps it is right when he six years, but now he got older, and things are not so simple.

Grace's parents wish her ??the best, like most parents, but there is a huge difference between that desire the best and be sure that the best for her.

I understand their excitement because very few pianists earn a living from their craft.

If Grace was a diligent student, I'm sure her parents would be much quieter.

What's worse, Grace was a very smart girl with huge potential and could be anyone.

She had to shovel row awards, but instead just use their abilities.

But in fact, things went awry not here.

Balance is disturbed when her parents let fear stand at the helm.

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